Cheoleun Moon

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Information-centric networking (ICN) is emerging as a future network technology. It has introduced the great advantage of information dissemination with low bandwidth consumption in wired testbed networks. Recently, ICN is also studied for mobile ad-hoc networks environments for efficient content distribution. In the existing works in the literature,(More)
As more wireless access networks become available, there is a new challenge emerged: how to discover currently available Radio Access Networks (RANs). To discover available RANs without help from centralized servers, each mobile host periodically turns on network interfaces to discover available networks. Performance of a RAN discovery scheme may depend on(More)
Software-defined networking (SDN) has emerged as one of the future internet technologies. It separates the control plane and the data plane, keeping the data plane simple by assigning the complex computing to the control plane. Active queue management (AQM) has been researched to obtain lower delay and higher throughput. It is noteworthy to have these(More)
Traditional mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) and delay tolerant network (DTN) routing schemes work properly only under the limited assumptions. MANET routing schemes are designed for densely populated networks while DTN routing schemes were developed for dealing with intermittently connected topologies. However, in a real environment, the assumption cannot be(More)
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