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BACKGROUND The International Diabetes Federation consensus recently proposed a new definition for the diagnosis of metabolic syndrome, incorporating ethnically specific waist circumference (WC) cutoff points. OBJECTIVE We investigated the ethnically appropriate WC cutoff values for central obesity in Korean adults to predict increased risk of elevated(More)
BACKGROUND Adipocyte-specific fatty acid-binding protein (A-FABP) is a cytoplasmic protein expressed in macrophages and adipocytes and it plays a role in insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. Recently, the fatty liver index (FLI) was introduced as an indicator of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). In this study, we aimed to investigate the(More)
The effects of exendin-4 on Sirt1 expression as a mechanism of reducing fatty liver have not been previously reported. Therefore, we investigated whether the beneficial effects of exendin-4 treatment on fatty liver are mediated via Sirt1 in high-fat (HF) diet-induced obese C57BL/6J mice and related cell culture models. Exendin-4 treatment decreased body(More)
Fucoidan, a sulfated polysaccharide extracted from brown seaweed, displays a wide variety of internal biological activities; however, the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying fucoidan's anti-inflammatory activity remain poorly understood. In this study, we investigated the inhibitory effects of fucoidan on production of lipopolysaccharide(More)
OBJECTIVE Body weight is a significant predictor of bone mass. Hormonal factors such as sex hormones, insulin, leptin and adiponectin are thought to play a role in the mechanisms controlling the association of body weight and fat mass with bone mass. However, contradictory results have been reported for the association between serum adipocytokines and bone(More)
Recent findings suggest that ghrelin may have a beneficial effect on vasculature. In the present study, we examined the associations between plasma ghrelin concentration and metabolic parameters in children and adolescents. We measured fasting plasma ghrelin concentrations in 50 Korean children and adolescents (28 boys and 22 girls, mean +/- SD age 12.6 +/-(More)
UNLABELLED V-set and Ig domain-containing 4 (VSIG4, CRIg, or Z39Ig), a newly identified B7-related cosignaling molecule, is a complement receptor and a coinhibitory ligand that negatively regulates T-cell immunity. Despite its exclusive expression on liver Kupffer cells (KCs) that play key roles in liver tolerance, the physiological role of VSIG4 in liver(More)
The cytotoxic effect of the tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL) is limited in some carcinoma cancer cells. However, it was found that treatment with TRAIL in combination with nontoxic concentrations of genistein sensitized TRAIL-resistant human hepatocellular carcinoma Hep3B cells to TRAIL-mediated apoptosis. Combined treatment(More)
Recently, the glucose-stimulated insulin release of isolated human islets has been shown to deteriorate progressively with advancing donor age. This decline in beta cell function with aging may contribute to the increasing development of IGT and type 2 diabetes and also to the progressive nature of the disease. This study was to see whether there is any(More)
BACKGROUND The National Health Insurance Service (NHIS) recently signed an agreement to provide limited open access to the databases within the Korean Diabetes Association for the benefit of Korean subjects with diabetes. Here, we present the history, structure, contents, and way to use data procurement in the Korean National Health Insurance (NHI) system(More)