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Blind systems have been introduced to provide visual and thermal comfort, as well as to reduce energy use in buildings. A wide variety of such systems exist in terms of thermal and optical properties, location (exterior, interior), and physical configuration (size, distance between the blind slats). The current problem with blinds is that their operation is(More)
This study compares three different control strategies for double-skin systems. The analyzed control strategies are (1) rule-based approach, (2) exhaustive search and (3) gradient-based search. The fundamental principle of the rule-based approach is " if this, do that " under certain circumstances, and the rules are generally based on expert knowledge. The(More)
To reduce the potential problems of window systems such as undesired heat gain (loss), glare, and thermal discomfort due to asymmetric radiation, double-skin systems have been introduced. The current problem with double skin systems is that their operation requires an adequate simulation model to realize optimal control of the system. The estimation of the(More)
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