Cheol Sig Han

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BACKGROUND Remifentanil is a short-acting drug with a rapid onset that is useful in general anesthesia. Recently, however, it has been suggested that the use of opioids during surgery may cause opioid-induced hyperalgesia (OIH). Researchers have recently reported that esmolol, an ultra-short-acing β1 receptor antagonist, reduces the postoperative(More)
Air injected into the epidural space may spread along the nerves of the paravertebral space. Depending on the location of the air, neurologic complications such as multiradicular syndrome, lumbar root compression, and even paraplegia may occur. However, cases of motor weakness caused by air bubbles after caudal epidural injection are rare. A 44-year-old(More)
Giant cell tumors are distinctive neoplasms characterized by a profusion of multinucleate giant cells scattered throughout a stroma of mononuclear cells. Most giant cell tumors are found at the epiphyses of long bones, especially around the knee joint. Flat bone involvement is rare. However, a case of giant cell tumor with secondary aneurysmal bone cyst was(More)
We report on an anesthetic experience with a 74-year-old female with Isaacs' syndrome, who underwent elective surgery for open rotator cuff repair. Isaacs' syndrome is a rare peripheral motor neuron disorder with clinical manifestations such as involuntary muscle twitching, cramps, mild weakness and increased sweating. To avoid prolonged neuromuscular(More)
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