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This paper describes the vertical handover architecture with low latency handover for mobile terminals which supports interworking between heterogeneous networks. The vertical handover architecture defines handover-related modules for mobile terminal and the handover switching flows among them. We adapt low latency handover method to mobile IP for reducing(More)
BitTorrent is a leading P2P network system for downloading contents. This trend moves the energy use out of the data center and into the homes of content consumers who are also then content distributors. BitTorrent clients must be fully powered-on at all times so that they are part of the swarm. Energy saving mode of the BitTorrent protocol is a critical(More)
We report on a de novo centric fission of chromosome 11 in a healthy female referred for chromosome analysis due to recurrent miscarriages. Both fission products were mitotically stable. This centric fission of chromosome 11 appears to have no clinical significance for this patient other than recurrent miscarriages.
Robot software components, which can be accessed through their interface, are reusable and replaceable software modules used in composing robotic services. Using robot software components in developing a robot, developers can expect shortening of developing times, reduction of maintenance cost and improvement of program reusability, because interoperability(More)