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  • C H Lee
  • 1983
In this paper a new technique is used to interpolate the sampled CT image data in the axial direction for a coronal display. This technique also compensates the high spatial frequency components in that direction to get a narrower point-spread function. Computer simulation results are presented here to show the effect of aperture convolution and the effect(More)
The drying process of graphene-polymer composites fabricated by solution-processing for excellent dispersion is time consuming and suffers from a restacking problem. Here, we have developed an innovative method to fabricate polymer composites with well dispersed graphene particles in the matrix resin by using solvent free powder mixing and in-situ(More)
The generation of nodal cross sections and equivalence parameters for prismatic VHTR core components is discussed. For fuel-block cross section generation, a conventional single-block model with a reflective boundary condition is used. A one-dimensional fuel-reflector model is proposed for reflector cross section generation in order to accurately represent(More)
A 14.5 GHz Electron Cyclotron Resonance ion source (ECRIS) has been made to produce C(4+) beam for using a carbon therapy facility and recently tested at KAERI. Highly charged carbon ions have been successfully extracted. When using only CO2 gas, the beam current of C(4+) was almost 14 μA at 15 kV extraction voltage. To get higher current of the C(4+) beam,(More)
The authors would like to thank the reviewers for their time and constructive comments concerning our manuscript. This study analyzed the relationship between vertebral fracture and endogenous secretory receptor for advanced glycation end products (esRAGE) in type 2 diabetes. We verified that patients in the lowest tertile of esRAGE had a higher risk of(More)
The silver-activated zinc sulfide, ZnS(Ag), sensor to detect alpha-particles is normally fabricated by means of heat-melting or epoxy mixing spread. However, the fabrication process is very complicated so that it creates high costs and requires special high-tech equipment to manufacture the detector. For this reason, we have developed a new fabrication(More)
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