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The drying process of graphene-polymer composites fabricated by solution-processing for excellent dispersion is time consuming and suffers from a restacking problem. Here, we have developed an innovative method to fabricate polymer composites with well dispersed graphene particles in the matrix resin by using solvent free powder mixing and in-situ(More)
A 14.5 GHz Electron Cyclotron Resonance ion source (ECRIS) has been made to produce C(4+) beam for using a carbon therapy facility and recently tested at KAERI. Highly charged carbon ions have been successfully extracted. When using only CO2 gas, the beam current of C(4+) was almost 14 μA at 15 kV extraction voltage. To get higher current of the C(4+) beam,(More)
An SPND (Self-powered Neutron Detector) is commonly used for neutron detection in NPP (Nuclear Power Plant) by virtue of un-reactivity for gamma-rays. But it has a drawback, which is that it cannot detect neutrons in real time due to beta emissions (about > 48 s) after reactions between neutrons and Rh in an SPND. And Generation IV reactors such as MSR(More)
The silver-activated zinc sulfide, ZnS(Ag), sensor to detect alpha-particles is normally fabricated by means of heat-melting or epoxy mixing spread. However, the fabrication process is very complicated so that it creates high costs and requires special high-tech equipment to manufacture the detector. For this reason, we have developed a new fabrication(More)
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