Cheol-Ho Lee

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In plants ascorbic acid (AsA) is a strong antioxidant or reductant that can be converted to dehydroascorbate (DHA) by oxidation. DHA, a very short-lived chemical, can either be hydrolyzed irreversibly to 2,3-diketogulonic acid or recycled to AsA by dehydroascorbate reductase (DHAR).DHAR cDNA, isolated from sesame hairy roots, was inserted into two plant(More)
Intramolecular excimer formation of 1,3-di(1-pyrenyl) propane(Py-3-Py) and fluorescence polarization of 1,6-diphenyl-1,3,5-hexatriene (DPH) were used to evaluate the effect of ethanol on the rate and range of lateral and rotational mobilities of bulk bilayer structures of synaptosomal plasma membrane vesicles (SPMVs) from the bovine cerebral cortex. Ethanol(More)
Molecular farming refers to the process of creating bioengineered plants with the capability of producing potentially valuable products, such as drugs, vaccines, and chemicals. We have investigated the potential of the sweet potato ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase gene (ibAGP1) promoter and its transit peptide (TP) as an expression system for the mass(More)
A fresh vegetable juice has become a new functional food available for dieting and health. However, it poses a microbiological hazard to the consumer because it is distributed and consumed without any cooking. In this study, we applied the radiation sterilization of fresh vegetable juice, and the effectiveness of gamma irradiation for inactivating(More)
A one-step reduction and functionalization of graphene oxide (FrGO) was easily achieved using a novel phenylhydrazine-based reductant containing fluorine atoms, which can induce p-type doping due to its high electronegativity. The FrGO-based OPV exhibited a high power conversion efficiency of ∼6.71% and a superior OPV-stability to commercial PEDOT:PSS.
Node failure in a connected dominating set (CDS) is an event of non-negligible probability. For applications where fault tolerance is critical, a traditional dominating-set based routing may not be a desirable form of clustering. For a typical localized algorithm to construct CDS, it has the time complexity ofO(&#x0394;<sup>3</sup>), where &#x0394; is the(More)
Ixeris dentata form.albiflora Hara, a perennial medicinal herb, accumulates various sesquiterpenes whose first committed step in biosynthesis is the cyclization of farnesyl diphosphate by terpene synthase. To isolate the synthase geneldGAS, we amplified a 184-bp DNA fragment of sesquiterpene synthase gene fromI. dentata genomic DNA, using a homology-based(More)
We present a receiver-based rate control scheme in an infrastructure network. A mobile device to receive video stream over wireless plays an important role to decide its rate. As an inter-packet delay (IPD) at the sender decreases, the sending rate increases so that the IPD can be adjusted to control the rate, depending on the receiver buffer occupancy. At(More)
Amorphous molybdenum sulfide (MoSx) is covalently anchored to reduced graphene oxide (r-GO) via a simple one-pot reaction, thereby inducing the reduction of GO and simultaneous doping of heteroatoms on the GO. The oxygen atoms form a bridged between MoSx and GO and play a crucial role in the fine dispersion of the MoSx particles, control of planar MoSx(More)