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A one-step reduction and functionalization of graphene oxide (FrGO) was easily achieved using a novel phenylhydrazine-based reductant containing fluorine atoms, which can induce p-type doping due to its high electronegativity. The FrGO-based OPV exhibited a high power conversion efficiency of ∼6.71% and a superior OPV-stability to commercial PEDOT:PSS.
Amorphous molybdenum sulfide (MoSx) is covalently anchored to reduced graphene oxide (r-GO) via a simple one-pot reaction, thereby inducing the reduction of GO and simultaneous doping of heteroatoms on the GO. The oxygen atoms form a bridged between MoSx and GO and play a crucial role in the fine dispersion of the MoSx particles, control of planar MoSx(More)
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