Cheol-Hee Kang

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The production of 1,3-propanediol (1,3-PD) was investigated with Klebsiella pneumoniae DSM 4799 using raw glycerol without purification obtained from a biodiesel production process. Fed-batch cultures with suspended cells revealed that 1,3-PD production was more effective when utilizing raw glycerol than pure glycerol (productivity after 47 h of(More)
A taxonomic study was carried out on two isolates, strains BL1(T) and BL11, from marine sediment collected from the East Sea, Korea. Comparative 16S rRNA gene sequence studies showed that these isolates clearly affiliated with the Gammaproteobacteria. BL1T and BL11 were most closely related to Oceanisphaera litoralis KMM 3654T (97.6 and 97.7 % 16S rRNA gene(More)
A critical step in the process of metagenome analysis is to screen for clones that contain specific genes among a large number of clones. To form one of the sequence-based screening tools of a metagenome library, we designed a format of microarray [metagenome microarray (MGA)] that is arrayed with fosmid library clone DNA samples on a glass slide. We(More)
DNA-DNA hybridization has been established as an important technology in bacterial species taxonomy and phylogenetic analysis. In this study, we analyzed how the efficiency with which the genomic DNA from one species hybridizes to the genomic DNA of another species (DNA-DNA hybridization) in microarray analysis relates to the similarity between two genomes.(More)
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