Chenyu Li

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A dual-band bandpass filter using both an open stub-loaded resonator (OSLR) and a short stub-loaded resonator (SSLR) is presented. The use of SSLR has the advantage that a transmission zero can be flexibly controlled by tuning the length of the short stub, which can be employed as a new but convenient way to create transmission zeros in front of passbands(More)
Intracellular vesicle transport pathways are critical for neuronal survival and central nervous system development. The Vps-C complex regulates multiple vesicle transport pathways to the lysosome in lower organisms. However, little is known regarding its physiological function in mammals. We deleted Vps18, a central member of Vps-C core complex, in neural(More)
With the rapid increasing impact of the mobile Internet on people's daily life, accessing the Internet via mobile devices is showing an obvious trend, which brings a large amount of network traffic at the same time. This paper analyzes HTTP traffic characteristics based on real world data collected from a commercial Internet Service Provider (ISP) in charge(More)
In order to integrate heterogeneous spatial data sources to enhance spatial data share and interoperation, the P2P computing technologies were introduced to implement a prototype system of cooperative spatial database named NEBULA. By dynamic and self-cooperative features derived from P2P computing, this cooperative spatial database prototype made(More)
Background. Here we aimed to evaluate and compare the efficacy and safety between partial full-thickness myotomy and circular muscle myotomy during POEM procedure in achalasia patients. Methods. Clinical data of achalasia of cardia (AC) patients who underwent POEM in our center during January 2014 to January 2015 was collected (34 cases). 19 patients who(More)