Chenyi Tang

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A hepatocellular carcinoma targeting lactoferrin (Lf) modified PEGylated liposome system was developed for improving drug efficacies to hepatic cancer cells. In this present work, PEGylated liposomes (PLS) were successfully prepared by the thin film hydration method combined with peglipid post insertion. Lf was covalently conjugated to the distal end of(More)
Lactoferrin (Lf) is a potential-targeting ligand for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) cells because of its specific binding with asialoglycoprotein receptor (ASGPR). In this present work, a doxorubicin (DOX)-loaded, Lf-modified, polyethylene glycol (PEG)ylated liposome (Lf-PLS) system was developed, and its targeting effect and antitumor efficacy to HCC was(More)
Extracting semantic orientation of Multiword Expression, especially some newly generated Multiword Expression from internet, is an important task for sentiment analysis of web texts or other real word text as some Multiword Expressions can express more integrative sentiments than words units. This paper proposes a method contains a novel latent(More)
After years of researches, Chinese word segmentation has achieved quite high precisions for formal style text. However, the performance of segmentation is not so satisfying for MicroBlog corpora. In this paper we describe a scheme for Chinese word segmentation for, MicroBlog which integrates the characterbased and word-based information in the directed(More)
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