Chenyang Zhao

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The scope of functional heterogeneity in macrophages has been defined by two polarized end states known as M1 and M2, which exhibit the proinflammatory activities necessary for host defense and the tissue repair activities required for restoration of homeostasis, respectively. Macrophage populations in different tissue locations exist in distinct phenotypic(More)
Single-chain Fv fragments (scFvs) consist of the variable heavy-chain (VH) and variable light-chain (VL) domains, which are the smallest immunoglobulin fragments containing the whole antigen-binding site. Human soluble tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL) proves to acquire a potent pro-apoptotic activity only after selective(More)
Molecular docking and molecular dynamics simulation were applied to study the binding mode of 3',4'-di-O-(S)-camphanoyl-(+)-cis-khellactone (DCK) analogs anti-HIV inhibitors with HIV-1 RT. The results suggest that there is a strong hydrogen bond between DCK O16 and NH of Lys101, and that DCK analogues might act similarly as other types of HIV-1 RT(More)
Detecting coherent motion is significant for analysing the crowd motion in video applications. In this study, we propose the Collective Density Clustering(CDC) approach to recognize both local and global coherent motion having arbitrary shapes and varying densities. Firstly, the collective density is defined to reveal the underlying patterns with varying(More)
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