Chenyang Xiao

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OBJECTIVES To examine predictors of health care service utilization in Mexico or any other country in Latin America among the U.S. Hispanic population. METHODS This study used data from the 2007 Pew Hispanic Healthcare Survey, a nationally representative survey of 4013 Hispanic adults. Using the Behavioral Model of Health Service Use (BMHSU) model, we(More)
There are two competing research explanations to account for Latinos' underutilization of health services relative to non-Latino Whites in the United States. One hypothesis examines the impact of health locus of control (HLOC) beliefs, while the other focuses on the role of access factors on health care use. To date, the relative strength of HLOC beliefs in(More)
Since the early 1990s, the American conservative movement has become increasingly hostile toward environmental protection and Congressional Republicans have become increasingly anti-environmental in their voting records. Party sorting theory holds that such political polarization among elites will likely extend to the general public. Analyzing General(More)
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