Chenyang Liu

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An important emerging problem domain in computational science and engineering is the development of <i>multi-scale computational methods</i> for complex problems in mechanics that span multiple spatial and temporal scales. An attractive approach to solving these problems is <i>recursive decomposition:</i> the problem is broken up into a tree of loosely(More)
In order to offer complex services to the users, separate services located at different devices in MANET should be composed in a mobile ad hoc network. A distributed approach to search for the <i>Service Composition Path (SCP)</i> with a low latency is proposed, which is based on two methods, <i>Path Filtering</i> and <i>Path Combination.</i> These two(More)
BACKGROUND Invasive aspergillosis is a life-threatening disease, and its incidence has increased in the recent past. Dectin-1 recognizes β-glucans and mediates innate immune responses to Aspergillus fumigatus. Transcription factor PU.1 has been the focus of recent research due to its role in inflammation and infection. However, its role in Dectin-1(More)
Writing scientific applications for modern multicore machines is a challenging task. There are a myriad of hardware solutions available for many different target applications, each having their own advantages and trade-offs. An attractive approach is Concurrent Collections (CnC), which provides a programming model that separates the concerns of the(More)
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