Chenxu Luo

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Variation in starting wafer material impacts yield and performance of linear power amplifiers for handset applications. This work presents a design of experiment approach for evaluating circuit sensitivities based on epi material variations that can be used for product qualification. This approach provides a systematic understanding of how the epi material(More)
We address the task of action recognition from a sequence of 3D human poses. This is a challenging task firstly because the poses of the same class could have large intra-class variations either caused by inaccurate 3D pose estimation or various performing styles. Also different actions, e.g., walking vs. jogging, may share similar poses which makes the(More)
According to the situation of multi hole machining with linear circular flange flange parts, a device is analyzed and designed, which can process multiple flange holes at the same time, and the design of the device including fixture design and multi spindle box design. the three dimensional modeling and analysis software is used, make a study on the design(More)
In order to study the influence of motion parameters of shearer drum on shearer cutting properties, in this paper, theoretical analysis about the influence of drum rotating speed and shear pulling speed on drum cutting properties was carried on and an embedded system for cutting load test that can identify the cutting resistance indirectly were developed(More)
In order to solve the bit front rake angle parameter selection problem of under different coal rock, it is proposed in polycrystalline diamond compact no core bit as the research object, and established a bit compact two-dimensional stress model of cutting teeth. The result shows that the front rake angle is the factor of cutting force and the drilling(More)
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