Chenxing Li

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Traffic archival, an indispensable task for network analysis, has suffered from a huge amount of data. These rapid growing data can exceed storage capacity and thwart real-time analysis. In order to take insight from Internet traffic, bitmap indexing is applied in this field. However, raw bitmap indexes can consume more space and longer delay for loading(More)
Excessive consumption of alcohol is a well-established risk factor of atrial fibrillation (AF). However, the effects of moderate alcohol drinking remain to be elucidated. This study was designed to determine the effects of moderate ethanol ingestion on atrial fibrillation and the electrophysiological mechanisms. In acetylcholine-induced canine and mouse AF(More)
We generalize the cryptographic notion of Order Revealing Encryption (ORE) to arbitrary functions and we present a construction that allows to determine the (partial) ordering of two vectors i.e., given E(x) and E(y) it is possible to learn whether x ≥ y, y ≥ x or whether x and y are incomparable. This is the first non-trivial example of a Revealing(More)
Efficient retrieval of traffic archival data is a must-have technique to detect network attacks, such as APT(advanced persistent threat) attack. In order to take insight from Internet traffic, the bitmap index is increasingly used for efficiently querying over large datasets. However, a raw bitmap index leads to high space consumption and overhead on(More)
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