Chenthur Pandian

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The recent development of mobile communication has the great challenge in transparent communication (better speech quality and intelligibility) under non-stationary environment. The VMR-WB speech coding technique selected by 3GPP faces degraded speech quality due to the use of noise reduction algorithm which is suited only for stationary environment. The(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) comprises several sensor nodes. The energy consumption is the major issue in WSNs. Data aggregation is a main method to conserve energy in WSN and minimizes the number of transmissions and then to save energy. This paper focuses on various data aggregation algorithms and protocols to collect and aggregate data in an efficient(More)
The goal of our project is to attain improved travel information and electronic ticketing using smart cards. The smart cards are similar to that of an ATM, so that they can be recharged and can be reused often. Smart cards are secure portable storage devices used for several applications especially security related ones involving access to the system's(More)
Speech coding has turned out to be one of the most vital techniques in telecommunications and in the multimedia communications. Existing speech coding techniques are appropriate only for inactive location and disgrace the speech quality. Voice quality improvement is an imperative characteristic to any speech communication scheme. Speech improvement and(More)
— GPS is the most important technology for tracking the location of the vehicle. By using this, we can easily identify the location in which it is available. Nowadays, RFID is used in many applications such as a toll gate system, Automatic fuel filling in petrol bunk, Railways inquiry center. Security is the most important thing that everyone is expecting(More)
Now a day World Wide Web become very popular and interactive for transferring of information. The web is huge, diverse and active and thus increases the scalability, multimedia data and temporal matters. The growth of the web has outcome in a huge amount of information that is now freely offered for user access. The several kinds of data have to be handled(More)
World Wide Web is a huge repository of web pages and links. It provides abundance information for the Internet users. The growth of web is incredible as it can be seen in present days. Users' accesses are recorded in web logs. From the user's perspective, it is very difficult to extract useful knowledge from the huge amount of information and secondly, it(More)
The use of local antibiotics from a biodegradable implant for chronic osteomyelitis is an attractive alternative. The implant delivers high antibiotic concentration at tissue levels, obliterates dead space, aids bone repair and does not need to be removed. The purpose of this paper is to develop and evaluate a calcium sulphate and polycaprolactone based(More)
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