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Tissue engineering requires the development of three-dimensional water-stable scaffolds. In this study, silk fibroin/chitosan (SFCS) scaffold was successfully prepared by freeze-drying method. The scaffold is water-stable, only swelling to a limited extent depending on its composition. Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectra and X-Ray diffraction curves(More)
Renewable energy and Electric Vehicles (EVs) are promising solutions for energy cost savings and emission reduction. However, integration of renewable energy sources into the electric grid could be a difficult task, because of the generation source intermittency and inconsistency with energy usage. In this paper, we present results of our study on the(More)
Abstract—This paper presents a novel framework for stochastic optimal operation of Energy Storage (ES) systems in coordination with Renewable Energy Resources (RERs) in threephase unbalanced distribution systems. An efficient three-phase unbalanced Distribution Optimal Power Flow (DOPF) is formulated that can be used for both radial and meshed networks.(More)
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