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Although plant photosynthetic capacity as determined by the maximum carboxylation rate (i.e., Vc,max25) and the maximum electron transport rate (i.e., Jmax25) at a reference temperature (generally 25 C) is known to vary considerably in space and time in response to environmental conditions, it is typically parameterized in Earth system models (ESMs) with(More)
We examine the Goos-Hänchen (G-H) shift of a Gaussian beam reflected on a thin slab of Ag/TiO<sub>2</sub> hyperbolic multilayer metamaterial (HMM). The HMM is modeled using the effective medium theory which yields the anisotropic dielectric functions of the HMM. The G-H shifts can be very large on the surface of the HMM. It can be about 40 µm which are far(More)
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