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This paper presents a class of hydration monitor that uses ultrathin, stretchable sheets with arrays of embedded impedance sensors for precise measurement and spatially multiplexed mapping. The devices contain miniaturized capacitive electrodes arranged in a matrix format, capable of integration with skin in a conformal, intimate manner due to the overall(More)
We demonstrate a platform that integrates photonic crystal enhanced fluorescence (PCEF) detection of a surface-based microspot fluorescent assay with a microfluidic cartridge to achieve simultaneous goals of high analytic sensitivity (single digit pg/mL), high selectivity, low sample volume, and assay automation. The PC surface, designed to provide optical(More)
An ultra high liquid chromatography-Q Exactive orbitrap mass spectrometry multi-residue method has been developed for the determination of six anticoccidials residues (dinitlmide, nicarbazin, diclazuril, toltrazuril, monensin and salinomycin) in chicken tissue. Sample preparation was based on QuEChERS method, using 1% (v/v) trichloroacetic acid/acetonitrile(More)
Gravitational field-flow fractionation is the simplest field-flow fractionation technique in terms of principle and operation. The earth' s gravity is its external field. Different sized particles are injected into a thin channel and carried by carrier fluid. The different velocities of the carrier liquid in different places results in a size-based(More)
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