Chennupati K. Ramaiah

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Providing enhanced access and added-value to electronic documents (e-documents) will require interfaces that effectively mediate between the information-seeking needs of the users and the information that the e-document has to offer. A proposed information environment (PIE) to support effective and creative use of e-documents to fulfil user's various(More)
The electronic publishing (EP) trends of publishing houses in Singapore are studied to identify challenges, opportunities, problems faced by the publishing industry, and assess the acceptance of e-publications by Singaporeans. This was carried out by two separate surveys through questionnaires. The first survey with publishers aimed to seek their views on(More)
This paper describes the design and development of a Virtual Archival Exhibition System (VAES) that facilitates the authoring of web-based virtual exhibitions that can be tailored to serve the needs of various user groups. VAES is a joint collaborative project between the National Archive of Singapore (NAS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU),(More)
The growth and diversity of electronic journals (e-journals) in the past five years had led many to predict the extinction of print journals and that a new paradigm is sweeping scholarship. Some others however, believe that future electronic scholarly journals will be different from their print antecedents and that both will fill a different niche, and will(More)
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