Chenniappan Palanivel

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Two novel genes (tvms10a, tvmz2a) were identified in the metagenomic DNA of Rusa unicolor and Equus burchelli fecal samples. The amplified PCR product of tvms10a is composed of 917bp and the gene was found to encode a protein containing 165 amino acids, while the tvmz2a PCR product was 1053bp long encoding 298 amino acid proteins. The gene has 72% primary(More)
Termites play an important role in the degradation of dead plant materials and have acquired endogenous and symbiotic cellulose digestion capabilities. The feruloyl esterase enzyme (FAE) gene amplified from the metagenomic DNA of Coptotermes formosanus gut was cloned in the TA cloning vector and subcloned into a pET32a expression vector. The Ft3-7 gene has(More)
Low cost carbons were prepared from Palm nut shells, Cashew nut shells and Broom sticks by Sulphuric acid process and characterised. The activities of these carbons (PNSC, CNSC and BSC) were compared with that of high cost Commercial activated carbon (CAC). The effect of pH, time, carbon dose were examined along with isotherm studies. The application of(More)
The metagenomic approach has been used successfully to isolate novel biocatalyst gene from uncultured microorganisms. The gene encoding exo-1,4-β-glucanase avicelase was amplified from the metagenome of the Equus burchelli fecal sample and cloned. The gene was found to be of 1,007 bp of nucleotide which encodes a protein of 318 amino acids with a calculated(More)
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