Chenni Kumaran

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Since the recognition of the importance of calcium ions to cardiac contractility, the effects of alterations in calcium homeostasis on cardiac myocyte function have attracted immense attention. However, the possibility that changes in extracellular calcium concentration or the administration of calcium channel blockers may exert significant effects on(More)
Magnesium deficiency is known to produce myocardial fibrosis in different animal models, but the underlying mechanisms are unclear. However, circulating levels of pro-oxidant and mitogenic factors are reported to be elevated in a rodent model of acute magnesium deficiency, suggesting a role for humoral factors in the pathogenesis of the cardiovascular(More)
Cloud computing has been a sort of Internet-related computing which proffers distributed computer processing resources, data computers and other devices upon requirement. The prior methodology of resource assignment in cloud computing is accomplished through Queuing Theory Based Cuckoo Search algorithm and it is having few limitations including failure in(More)
Substance P is released from nerve endings in the heart under pathological conditions like ischemia, but its action on cardiac cells has not been investigated. This study tested the hypothesis that substance P is mitogenic to adult cardiac fibroblasts and delineated the underlying mechanism(s). Substance P, acting via neurokinin-1 (NK-1) receptors,(More)
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