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Just as the power of the open-source design paradigm has driven down the cost of software to the point that it is accessible to most people, the rise of open-source hardware is poised to drive down the cost of doing experimental science to expand access to everyone. To assist in this aim, this paper introduces a library of open-source 3-D-printable optics(More)
Au NRs protected with mPEG-SH molecules (mPEG-Au NRs) were demonstrated to be a promising platform for LSPR-based sensing of molecular biothiols in aqueous solution. Surface mPEG-SH molecules endow Au NRs with great stability and biocompatibility and no nonspecific adsorption of biomacromolecules. The LSPR band of mPEG-Au NRs displays a stability and linear(More)
Band gap engineering provides an opportunity to not only provide higher overall conversion efficiencies of the reference AM1.5 spectra but also customize PV device design for specific geographic locations and microenvironments based on atmospheric conditions characteristic to that particular location. Indium gallium nitride and other PV materials offer the(More)
Data analysis is receiving considerable attention with the design of new graphics processing units (GPUs). Our study focuses on geostatistical data analysis, which is currently applied in diverse disciplines such as meteorology, oceanography, geography, forestry, environmental control, and agriculture. While geostatistical analysis algorithms are applied in(More)
The proposed study will use semi-infinite diffusion couples to obtain ternary diffusion coefficients for scandium and zirconium in aluminum. Al with Sc additions has potential as a high temperature precipitation hardened alloy due to the formation of stable Al3Sc precipitates. Due to the cost of Sc and potential for improved coarsening resistance, other(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether therapeutic hypothermia after hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy (HIE) in neonates increases the risk of cardiac arrhythmia during intervention. DESIGN A meta-analysis was conducted using a fixed-effect model. Risk ratios, risk differences, and 95% confidence intervals, were measured. DATA SOURCES Studies identified from the(More)
Recent advances in the use of plasmonic metamaterials to improve absorption of light in thin-film solar photovoltaic devices has created a demand for a scalable method of patterning large areas with metal nanostructures deposited in an ordered array. This article describes two methods of fabricating ordered 2D nanosphere colloidal films: spin coating and(More)
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