Chenlin Huang

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Online Social Network (OSN) services are very popular nowadays. In order to protect the data privacy, Decentralized Online Social Network (DOSN) services have been proposed. In DOSN, the data published by a user and the data replicas are only stored in the friend circle of the user. Although full replication can improve Data Availability (DA), pure DOSNs(More)
Maintaining data availability is one of the biggest challenges in decentralized online social networks (DOSNs). The existing work often assumes that the friends of a user can always contribute to the sufficient storage capacity to store all data. However, this assumption is not always true in today's online social networks (OSNs) due to the fact that(More)
It has been a subject of a significant amount of research to automate the execution of workflows (or business processes) on computer resources. However, many workflow scenarios still require human involvement, which introduces additional security and authorization concerns. This paper presents a novel mechanism for modeling the execution of workflows with(More)
The processing of massive numbers of small files is a challenge in the design of distributed file systems. Currently, the combined-block-storage approach is prevalent. However, the approach employs the traditional file systems such as ExtFS and may cause inefficiency when accessing small files randomly located in the disk. This paper focuses on optimizing(More)
Maintaining data availability is one of the biggest challenges in Decentralized Online Social Networks (DOSN). In the existing work of improving data availability in DOSN, it is often assumed that the friends of a user are always capable of contributing sufficient storage capacity to store all the data published by the user. However, this assumption is not(More)
The trusted cloud environment model, based on the trusted computing technology, provides cloud users the capabilities to remotely attest the trustworthiness of cloud service. But unlike physical machine, the virtual machine is migratory among cloud nodes constantly which makes it hard for cloud users to guarantee the Virtual Machine (VM) is running in a(More)
Mining repeated patterns (often called motifs) in CPU utilization of computers (also called CPU host load) is of fundamental importance. Many recently emerging applications running on high performance computing systems rely on motif discovery for various purposes, including efficient task scheduling, energy saving, etc. In this paper, we propose an(More)