Chenia Martinez

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The CTF nomenclature had not been tested in clinical practice. The purpose of this study was to compare the reliability and diagnostic confidence in the interpretation of disk contours on lumbar 1.5T MR imaging when using the CTF and the Nordic nomenclatures. MATERIALS AND METHODS Five general radiologists from 3 hospitals blindly(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Data on the association between vertebral endplate changes and low back pain are contradictory. This study was designed to assess whether this association exists among Southern European subjects. MATERIALS AND METHODS Patients in this study serving as cases were 35-50 years of age with low back pain lasting >90 days, for whom a(More)
INTRODUCTION The diagnosis of patients with cognitive deterioration or dementia requires a global approach in which the neuropsychological examination is a key piece. As part of the GERMCIDE study (Group for the Study and Multicenter Registry of Incident Cases of Dementia in Spain), a protocol was designed that included an assessment of the different(More)
Introduction Neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (NHIE) is a common neurologic injury, and it may compromise the child's language and cognition. Understanding the process of language acquisition becomes possible with concise knowledge about children's global development. Objective The aim of this study was to observe if language acquisition and(More)
INTRODUCTION In Alzheimer's disease a gradual and progressive loss of semantic information takes place. A question of great importance on both the theoretical and practical levels is which concepts are the first to be lost and which are the most resistant to deterioration. Some theories maintain that the beginning of the disease stimuli belonging to certain(More)
Infusions of epinephrine or levarterenol bitartrate into a rabbit nerve-muscle preparation decreased the force of the evoked twitch of anterior tibial and gastrocnemius-soleus muscles. The adverse effect of the catecholamines was not directly on skeletal muscle. The alpha-receptor blocking drug phenoxybenzamine hydrochloride prevented the adverse effect of(More)
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