Chenhui Shao

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A novel algorithm is developed for feature selection and parameter tuning in quality monitoring of manufacturing processes using cross-validation. Due to the recent development in sensing technology, many on-line signals are collected for manufacturing process monitoring and feature extraction is then performed to extract critical features related to(More)
This paper investigates the consensus control of a class of Lipchitz nonlinear multi-agent systems with communication time delay. The proposed control only uses relative state information of the system. An optimal consensus control is then identified through a careful exploitation of the structure of Laplacian matrix and semi-discretization method.
Stability analysis and control for linear periodic timedelay systems described by state space models are investigated in this paper. Semi-discretization method is used to develop a mapping of the system response in a finite-dimensional state space. The stability region and stability boundary can be found by comparing the maximum absolute value of the(More)
This paper presents a tool wear monitoring framework for ultrasonic metal welding which has been used for lithium-ion battery manufacturing. Tool wear has a significant impact on joining quality. In addition, tool replacement, including horns and anvils, constitutes an important part of production costs. Therefore, a tool condition monitoring (TCM) system(More)
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