Chengzong Han

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Defibrillation is often required to terminate a ventricular fibrillation or fast ventricular tachycardia rhythm and resume a perfusing rhythm in sudden cardiac arrest patients. Automated external defibrillators rely on automatic ECG analysis algorithms to detect the presence of shockable rhythms before advising the rescuer to deliver a shock. For a reliable(More)
BACKGROUND ECG cable interchange can generate erroneous diagnoses. For algorithms detecting ECG cable interchange, high specificity is required to maintain a low total false positive rate because the prevalence of interchange is low. In this study, we propose and evaluate an improved algorithm for automatic detection and classification of ECG cable(More)
Misconnection of ECG lead-wires can generate abnormal ECG and erroneous diagnosis. Existing methods for detecting lead-wire interchange were designed for ECG devices using conventional lead system. In this work we developed an automatic ECG cable interchange detection algorithm and compared the algorithm performance between conventional and Mason-Likar (ML)(More)
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