Chengzhou Tang

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This paper derives a novel linear position constraint for cameras seeing a common scene point, which leads to a direct linear method for global camera translation estimation. Unlike previous solutions, this method deals with collinear camera motion and weak image association at the same time. The final linear formulation does not involve the coordinates of(More)
Video stabilization enhances video quality by stabilizing unstable motion. This paper proposes a new video stabilization method that simultaneously factors and smooths motion trajectories. We model the trajectories with a time-variant local subspace constraint. Every column of the trajectory matrix is factored and smoothed in separate local subspace. This(More)
This paper presents a new method for calculating the low-rank approximation of a highly incomplete trajectory matrix for subspace video stabilization. We extend moving factorization proposed in [1], which is a streamable method based on least squares. By utilizing sparse representation of trajectories, the proposed factorization method is more accurate(More)
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