Chengzhi Song

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The combination of photothermal therapy and chemotherapy (photothermal-chemotherapy) is a promising strategy for cancer therapy. Gold nanocages (AuNCs), with hollow and porous structures and unique optical properties, have become a rising star in the field of drug delivery. Here, we designed a novel targeted drug delivery system based on functionalized(More)
Numerous studies have demonstrated that microRNAs are very important in cancer development and progression. However, the complex relationship between the size of microRNA delivery systems, cellular uptake, biodistribution and therapeutic efficiency remains unclear. Herein, we have successfully constructed a series of differently-sized microRNA delivery(More)
Objective - Minimally invasive surgery has been widely embraced due to its multitude benefits, especially less traumatic. The key to its success is the instruments' accessibility and manipulability inside the confined surgical space. This motivates researchers to develop flexible manipulators, which could bend inside the body cavity. Two representative(More)
Continuum Robots have been investigated increasingly in recent years due to their potential applications in minimally invasive surgery (MIS). The constant curvature assumption is widely adopted in modeling the motion of continuum robots. However, due to their limited backbone rigidity, the backbone bending or end-effector position is significantly affected(More)
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