Chengzhi Long

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Energy efficiency is one of the most critical concerns for wireless sensor networks (WSNs). A novel virtual multiple input multiple output (MIMO) communication scheme with feedback channel is proposed in WSNs in this paper. Using the feedback channel, channel state information (CSI) could be returned to transmit cluster. Then the ldquobetterrdquo node could(More)
Heterogeneous wireless sensor networks are more similar to the reality. An improved scheme of SEP(stable election protocol) is proposed in this paper. Similarly, the node with more energy will have more probability in the phase of electing cluster head firstly. Then, virtual cluster head is designed after cluster formation phase based on SEP. During the(More)
Based on the heterogeneous wireless sensor networks, MIMO_SEP scheme is proposed in this paper. When the node runs for cluster-head, the node with different energy would have different probability. At the same time cooperating nodes were designed which form virtual Multiple input multiple output with cluster head to transmit data. MIMO_SEP not only could(More)
The purpose of building data-sharing center in a university information system is as follows: firstly, to solve data integration in heterogeneous business applications; secondly, to achieve information sharing; thirdly, to eliminate information silos; lastly, to provide valuable unified data source for decision analysis by leaders. The paper discusses the(More)
Sensor nodes usually operate on small batteries with restricted sources of energy in the wireless sensor networks (WSNs). Energy efficiency is one of the most critical concerns for it. Clustered topology schedule is important method of saving energy with some advantages of managing conveniently, using the energy efficiently, and fusing the data easily. This(More)
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