Chengzhi Liu

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In this paper, a hybrid recommendation architecture for mobile commerce system is presented based on agent and ontology technology. Working flow and components of the architecture are described to explain how system components work together. This architecture is a hybrid algorithm which integrates the results of specific recommendation algorithms. Based on(More)
To meet more and more complex recommendation needs, it is quite important to implement hybrid recommendations for mobile commerce. In this paper, we propose a design for open hybrid recommendation systems in mobile commerce, which could integrate multiple recommendation algorithms together to improve recommendation performance. First, three solutions for an(More)
In vitro hybridization between ♀ Gossypium hirsutum, and ♂ G. arboreum was carried out. Hybrid seedlings were obtained after successive use of the following five kinds of media: 1) pollen grain germination medium, 2) double-fertilization medium, 3) embryo development medium, 4) seedlings formation medium, 5) green seedlings growth medium. The factors(More)
This paper introduces the principles, composing, and control system (hardware and software control) of Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR) system on real-time at Kilohertz rate under Windows XP environment. The method used in this system is designed for different frequency, and the theory concerned in this paper is different from the traditional one. The hardware(More)
The ν1-ν18a Fermi resonance (FR) of phenol were investigated by pressure-dependent Raman spectroscopy from atmospheric up to P=15.2GPa and temperature-dependent Raman spectroscopy from 40 down to T=-180°C, respectively. In the case of pressure, we found the Fermi coupling coefficient W, which were calculated based on the FR theory, exposed a value turnover(More)
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This paper combined the actual situation of China's transport development, analyzed the environmental impact of transport sector and the domestic and international reflected to the advanced experience of traffic pollution. At the same time, I also proposed the energy efficiency of China's transport sector emissions reduction under the concept of sustainable(More)
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