Chengzhi Gao

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BACKGROUND Apical abscess is an inflammatory process in the peri-radicular tissues caused by biofilms in the necrotic root canal systems. Therefore, a comprehensive analysis of the bacterial colonization is required for a better understanding of the pathogenesis. This study aimed to investigate the patterns of bacterial infection of root canals of teeth(More)
The multiple-inputs multiple-outputs(MIMO) underwater acoustic communication system is proposed based on the hypothetical condition of acoustic channel. The matrix outer-product decomposition algorithm (OPDA) is adopted to realize the blind identification of the underwater acoustic channel. It can acquire the real-time channel response by the real-time(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to evaluate the success and survival rate of endodontically treated premolars restored by ceramic onlays by comparing restored by quartz fiber posts and metal ceramic crowns. METHODS Ninety-four patients with 126 endodontically treated premolars were enrolled in this study and divided into 4 groups according to the remaining(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the incidence, influence factors and treatment methods of oral mucositis (OM) following hematopoietic stem cells transplantation (HSCT). METHODS A clinical analysis about the total 71 OM cases occurring after HSCT among 166 patients in Peking University People's Hospital during 2009 was completed. RESULTS The healing rate of OM was(More)
Heart failure is one of the most serious diseases worldwide, and can be caused by many factors, among them hyperhomocysteinemia can increase the risk for development of heart failure. In this study, we treated rats with high methionine diet (HMD), which can be conversed to homocysteine in human body, to induce a novel model of heart failure. We proved the(More)
Vasospasm plays an important role in the pathogenesis of ischemic heart disease, including unstable angina, myocardial infarction, and sudden death. Coronary artery spasm rarely involves different coronaries in the same time. Three-vessel spasm may be accompanied by ST-segment elevation, lethal arrhythmias, and syncope due to the wide extent of ischemia. In(More)
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