Chengyue Guo

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Chemotherapy is an important approach for clinical cancer treatment. However, the success of chemotherapy is usually hindered by the occurrence of intrinsic or acquired multidrug resistance of cancer cells. Herein, we reported an effective approach to overcome doxorubicin (DOX) resistance in MCF-7/ADR breast cancer using DOX-loaded pH-responsive micelles.(More)
Conventional chemotherapy shows moderate efficiency against metastatic cancer since it targets only part of the mechanisms regulating tumor growth and metastasis. Here, gold nanorod (GNR)-based host-guest nanoplatforms loaded with docetaxel (DTX) and small interfering RNA (siRNA)-p65 (referred to as DTX-loaded GNR (GDTX)/p65) for chemo-, RNA interference(More)
The combination of chemotherapy and RNA interference is a promising approach for efficient cancer therapy. However, the success of such a strategy is hampered by the lack of suitable vectors to coordinate small interfering RNA (siRNA) and chemotherapeutic drug into one single platform. We herein report a novel triple-layered pH-responsive micelleplex(More)
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