Chengyuan Sun

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With the continuous development of computer science and control science, the complexity of the system also increased rapidly. Accordingly, people began to improve the security and stability of the systems, and fault diagnosis in time is an effectively method to reduce the loss of property. The reality systems are invariably more complex, nonlinear and(More)
Particle filter (PF) is an effective approach for the state estimation of nonlinear systems. However, PF still faces many problems which influence the accuracy of state estimation. One typical problem is the particle impoverishment. In this study, an adaptive intelligent particle filter (AIPF) is proposed to mitigate the particle impoverishment problem(More)
Multivariate statistical methods are effective data-driven approaches for complex practical systems. Traditional partial least squares (PLS) serves as a latent projection approach applied to the quality-related process monitoring field widely. However, PLS is not suitable for quality-related fault detection which performs an oblique projection to the X(More)
The particle filter (PF) is an effective technique for state estimation in the nonlinear and non-Gaussian systems. However, one serious problem of PF is resampling. In this study, a weights PF (WPF) is proposed to mitigate the particle impoverishment problem common in PF. The WPF is inspired by the selection operator of genetic algorithm (GA). The weights(More)
In the handling of the nonlinear systems, Kernel Ridge Regression (KRR) has recently served as an effective method to deal with multicollinearity problem, but it has not been used to solve the problem of fault diagnosis problems. KRR is unable to ensure the safety and the reliability of industrial systems. While previous fault detection method still(More)
Particle filter (PF) serves as an effective method applied to the fault diagnosis of nonlinear and non-Gaussian systems. However, the result of state estimation is influenced by the particle impoverishment problem which is common in the typical PF algorithm. Based on the analysis of the PF algorithm, the general particle impoverishment problem is attributed(More)
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