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The effects of the organic loading rate (OLR) on the performance and the granular sludge characteristics of an expanded granular sludge bed (EGSB) reactor used for treating real traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) wastewater were investigated. Over 90% of the COD removal by the EGSB reactor was observed at the OLRs of 4 to 13 kg COD/(m(3) day). However,(More)
Both short-term and long-term exposure experiments have been carried out to investigate the influence of iron (Fe)-manganese (Mn)-sepiolite, as a heterogeneous Fenton-like catalyst, on the performance and microbial community of anaerobic granular sludge. During the short-term exposure experiments, chemical oxygen demand (COD) removal efficiency decreased(More)
The start-up procedures and characteristics of the granular sludge from a novel double circle (DC) anaerobic reactor for treating traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) wastewater were investigated. Following a start-up period, the DC reactor demonstrated good chemical oxygen demand removal at 96.87%. The Fourier transform infrared spectra and(More)
The effect of a heterogeneous Fenton-like pre-treatment on the anaerobic processes, characteristics and microbial community of sludge was investigated for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) wastewater containing rhein. When the concentrations of rhein were 50mg/L and 100mg/L, the toxic effect was physiological toxicity for anaerobic granular sludge. Using a(More)
This work investigated effects of some operational conditions on acid chrome dark blue degradation by Fenton, such as pH, FeSO<inf>4</inf> and H<inf>2</inf>O<inf>2</inf> doses. The optimization parameters was proposed using Box-Behnken Response Surface Methodology. The degradation velocity was increased with FeSO<inf>4</inf> dosage increasing. But it(More)
In this study, the dynamic adsorption of methylene blue dye onto CuO-acid modified sepiolite was investigated. Meanwhile, the equilibrium and kinetic data of the adsorption process were studied to understand the adsorption mechanism. Furthermore, a high-temperature gas stream was applied to regenerate the adsorbent. The results showed that the Langmuir(More)
Bio-stability and health security of drinking water have become basic requirements to protect human health. The conventional water purification process, which is composed of coagulation, sedimentation, filtration and disinfection, can not solve the problems of organic matters in the micro-polluted source water effectively. So the by-products generated in(More)
An efficient adsorbent/catalyst Co and Fe-catalysts loaded on sepiolite (Co-Fe/sepiolite) was successfully prepared for high temperature gas flow catalytic reaction by a simple impregnation method. The impact of preparation conditions (such as pH value of impregnation solution, impregnation time, calcination temperature, and time) on catalytic activity was(More)
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