Chengyuan Peng

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Analog cellular phones and networks were designed with minimal security which soon turned out to be insufficient. The GSM system provides solutions to a few important aspects of security: subscriber authentication, subscriber identity confidentiality and confidentiality of voice and data over the radio path. This paper gives an overview of the security(More)
Digital television is a new, interesting, and rich platform for developing next generation multimedia services. One of the key digital television standards is Multimedia Home Platform (MHP) which includes hardware devices and software architecture. Navigator is the most important multimedia service of digital television. It acts the main index of all the(More)
DVB-H offers a new platform for IP-based services and contributes to universal access. There are many challenges of providing multimedia TV experience for DVB-H users anywhere anytime. One big challenge is due to the strict reception conditions and mobility. For example, when a mobile receiver enters a new cell with different transmission frequency, the(More)
Digital Teletext is one of the most important interactive services of emerging digital television. As an enhanced version of existing analogue Teletext service, it’s a resident application of the set-top box. Its information will be stored in a data carousel and transmitted via broadcasting network. The new service can display smooth graphics and images,(More)
Liver is subject to various chronic pathologies, progressively leading to cirrhosis, which is associated with an increased risk of hepatocellular carcinoma. There is an urgent need for diagnostic and prognostic markers of chronic liver diseases and liver cancer. Spectroscopy-based approaches can provide an overview of the chemical composition of a tissue(More)
Digital television offers significantly increased capacity, which can be used to provide digital Teletext service. The existing digital Teletext belongs to enhanced broadcast application profiles. It has only local interactivity and no return channel is needed. The digital Teletext with two-way interactivity is highly expected both from the growing market(More)