Chengyuan Peng

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The overall software system integration to run interactive services in set-top box is hard and essential since there is no ready system to ensure the cross-platform interoperability of the applications. This paper presents a layered system integration model, which consists of interoperable applications, Application Programming Interface (API), system(More)
Digital Teletext is one of the most important interactive services of emerging digital television. As an enhanced version of existing analogue Teletext service, it's a resident application of the set-top box. Its information will be stored in a data carousel and transmitted via broadcasting network. The new service can display smooth graphics and images,(More)
Analog cellular phones and networks were designed with minimal security which soon turned out to be insufficient. The GSM system provides solutions to a few important aspects of security: subscriber authentication, subscriber identity confidentiality and confidentiality of voice and data over the radio path. This paper gives an overview of the security(More)
Digital television offers significantly increased capacity, which can be used to provide digital Teletext service. The existing digital Teletext belongs to enhanced broadcast application profiles. It has only local interactivity and no return channel is needed. The digital Teletext with two-way interactivity is highly expected both from the growing market(More)
Hepatocarcinogenesis is a multistep process characterized in patients with chronic liver diseases by a spectrum of hepatic nodules that mark the progression from regenerative nodules to dysplastic lesions followed by hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). The differential diagnosis between precancerous dysplastic nodules and early HCC still represents a challenge(More)