Chengyu Lin

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The Sensitivity Conjecture and the Log-rank Conjecture are among the most important and challenging problems in concrete complexity. Incidentally, the Sensitivity Conjecture is known to hold for monotone functions, and so is the Log-rank Conjecture for f (x ∧ y) and f (x ⊕ y) with monotone functions f , where ∧ and ⊕ are bit-wise AND and XOR, respectively.(More)
The secretary model is a popular framework for the analysis of online admission problems beyond the worst case. In many markets, however, decisions about admission have to be made in a decentralized fashion and under competition. We cope with this problem and design algorithms for secretary markets with limited information. In our basic model, there are m(More)
INTRODUCTION Heart failure (HF) is a common and potentially fatal condition. Cardiovascular research has focused on medical therapy for HF. Theoretical modelling could enable simulation and evaluation of the effectiveness of medications. Furthermore, the models could also help predict patients' cardiac response to the treatment which will be valuable for(More)
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