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In a proxy signature scheme, a potential signer delegates his signing power to a proxy, who signs a message on behalf of the original signer. The ring signature allows a user from a set of possible signers to convince the verifier that the author of the signature belongs to the set but identity of the author is not disclosed. In some real situations, we(More)
It is necessary for the cloud server to allow multi-keyword query and provide result ranking to effectively retrieve data from the large number of encrypted data stored in the cloud storage. A related work that support privacy preserving ranked multi-keyword search over encrypted cloud data (MRSE) is not in public-key model. In this paper, the definition of(More)
A traceable ring scheme is a ring signature except that it can restrict "excessive" anonymity. The traceable ring signature has a tag that consists of a list of ring members and an issue that refers to, for instance, a social affair or an election. A ring member can make any signed but anonymous opinion regarding the issue, but only once (per tag). The(More)
In this paper, an advanced particle swarm optimization algorithm (PSO) is proposed to solve multi-modal function optimization problems. Multiple swarms are used for parallel search, and an artificial repulsive potential field on local search space is set up to prevent multiple swarms converging to the same areas. In addition, this paper provides a(More)