Chengyong Liu

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In the research of routing protocol in the ad hoc networks, single path routing protocol, known as ad hoc on-demand distance vector, has attracted the attention of scholars. At present ants-based routing algorithms have been widely studied because they are suitable for mobile ad-hoc networks where nodes move dynamically and topology changes frequently.(More)
It is very necessary for mobile ad hoc networks to have an efficient routing and quality of service mechanism to support diverse applications. The routing algorithm in the MANETs should also try to balance the network load. Research in this paper combines the multi-constraint QoS mechanism with the load balancing scheme to search the satisfying path between(More)
People are generating more and more short texts. There is an urgent demand to classify short texts into different domains. Due to the shortness and sparseness of short texts, conventional methods based on Vector Space Model (VSM) have limitations. To tackle the data scarcity problem, we propose a new model to directly measure the correlation between a short(More)
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