Chengye Feng

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In vertebrate neurons, the axon initial segment (AIS) is specialized for action potential initiation. It is organized by a giant 480 Kd variant of ankyrin G (AnkG) that serves as an anchor for ion channels and is required for a plasma membrane diffusion barrier that excludes somatodendritic proteins from the axon. An unusually long exon required to encode(More)
After being severed from the cell body, axons initiate an active degeneration program known as Wallerian degeneration. Although dendrites also seem to have an active injury-induced degeneration program, no endogenous regulators of this process are known. Because microtubule disassembly has been proposed to play a role in both pruning and injury-induced(More)
The Tat protein of HIV-1 has several well-known properties, such as nucleocytoplasmic trafficking, transactivation of transcription, interaction with tubulin, regulation of mitotic progression, and induction of apoptosis. Previous studies have identified a couple of lysine residues in Tat that are essential for its functions. In order to analyze the(More)
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