Chengyang Xu

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The spectroscopic content within optical coherence tomography (OCT) data can provide a wealth of information. Spectroscopic OCT methods are frequently limited by time-frequency trade-offs that limit high spectral and spatial resolution simultaneously. We present spectroscopic spectral-domain optical coherence microscopy performed with a multimodality(More)
We consider the problem of modeling objects composed of materials that change over the course of time. First principles simulation of the processes that cause material change are either extraordinarily time consuming or impossible because the processes are not thoroughly understood. We take the approach of capturing the time variation of materials(More)
This paper describes the response of the IceCube neutrino telescope located at the geographic South Pole to outbursts of MeV neutrinos from the core collapse of nearby massive stars. IceCube was completed in December 2010 forming a lattice of 5160 photomultiplier tubes that monitor a volume of ∼ 1 km3 in the deep Antarctic ice for particle induced photons.(More)
The public’s demand for more and better forest landscapes is increasing as scenic forest tours flourish in China, especially in the capital, Beijing. How to improve the quality of scenic forests has become one of the greatest concerns of urban foresters. Although numerous studies have focused on scenic forest management, to date, no reports have been found(More)
In this paper, the observer-basedH∞ control problem for networked control systems is investigated. Moreover, network-induced time-varying delays are considered to model the real world applications. The Luenberger-type observer is first designed for state estimation, then the observer-based controller is further developed. By applying the Lyapunov-Krasovskii(More)
Bareroot Changbai larch (Larix olgensis Henry.) seedlings were reared with inorganic fertilizer (nitrogen (N):phosphorus (P) = 1:1, W/W) applied at a rate of 100 (F100) or 200 kg N ha−1 (F200) with (+) or without (−) chicken manure as a soil amendment (O) in north-eastern China. An unfertilized control treatment was included. Inorganic and organic(More)
High redshift galaxies selected on the basis of strong Ly-α emission tend to be young and have small physical sizes. We show this by analyzing the spectral energy distribution of nine Ly-α-emitting galaxies (LAEs) at 4.0 < z < 5.7 in the Hubble Ultra Deep Field . Rest-frame UV to optical 700Å < λ < 7500Å luminosities, or upper limits, are used to constrain(More)
User-interface design is still a time consuming and cost intensive task to do. Based on the previous work and results from a project, this paper outlines a model-driven approach to generate user interfaces as a subject for a thesis. By using an interaction design model to capture the interactions and to generate the user interface fully automatically out of(More)
The measurement of muon energy is critical for many analyses in large Cherenkov detectors, particularly those that involve separating extraterrestrial neutrinos from the atmospheric neutrino background. Muon energy has traditionally been determined by measuring the specific energy loss (dE/dx) along the muon’s path and relating the dE/dx to the muon energy.(More)
We consider an alternate fourth-order gravity Lagrangian which is non-analytic in the Ricci scalar, and apply it to a Robertson-Walker metric. We find vacuum solutions which undergo power-law Inflation. Once matter is introduced the theory behaves very much like ordinary General Relativity; except that the radiation evolution a ∼ t1/2 is not allowed since(More)