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Recently, researchers spare no efforts to fabricate desirable vanadium dioxide (VO2) film which provides simultaneously high luminous transmittance and outstanding solar modulation ability, yet progress towards the optimization of one aspect always comes at the expense of the other. Our research devotes to finding a reproducible economic solution-processed(More)
Monoclinic VO2(M) in nanostructure is a prototype material for interpreting correlation effects in solids with fully reversible phase transition and for the advanced applications to smart devices. Here, we report a facile one-step hydrothermal method for the controlled growth of single crystalline VO2(M/R) nanorods. Through tuning the hydrothermal(More)
A prominent feature of recent climatic change is the strong Arctic surface warming that is contemporaneous with broad cooling over much of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. Longer global surface temperature observations suggest that this contrasting pole-to-pole change could be a manifestation of a multi-decadal interhemispheric or bipolar seesaw pattern,(More)
Two polar vessels, Akademik Shokalskiy and Xuelong, were trapped by thick sea ice in the Antarctic coastal region just to the west of 144°E and between 66.5°S and 67°S in late December 2013. This event demonstrated the rapid establishment of extreme Antarctic sea ice conditions on synoptic time scales. The event was associated with cyclones that developed(More)
Monovalent, bivalent and trivalent cations of Li+, Sn2+, Al3+, Fe3+ with different values of electronegativity were designed as doped-ions to prepare cations-intercalated titanate nanobelts through ex-situ ion-exchange reaction. XRD results revealed that the d200 values of layered TNBs decreased as the following sequence: Li-intercalated TNBs >(More)
Polyploidy can lead to aneuploidy and tumorigenesis. Here, we report that the Hippo pathway effector Yap promotes the diploid-polyploid conversion and polyploid cell growth through the Akt-Skp2 axis. Yap strongly induces the acetyltransferase p300-mediated acetylation of the E3 ligase Skp2 via Akt signaling. Acetylated Skp2 is exclusively localized to the(More)
At the 1912 Fifth International Congress of Mathematicians (Cambridge), Landau mentioned four unattackable problems: Goldbach Conjecture; Twin Prime Conjecture; for each n, there is a prime p such that n2 < p < (n+1)2; there are infinitely many primes p of the form p = n2+1. As Erdős [6, preface] maintained five years ago, we still do not have a(More)
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