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Knowledge, Desire and Power in Global Politics: Western Representations of China's Rise
Contents: Preface 1. Introduction: Knowledge, Desire and Power in Western Representations of China's Rise 2. Threat and Opportunity: A Bifocal Lens 3. Of Fears and Fantasies: Neocolonial Desire inExpand
The ‘Indo-Pacific’ and geopolitical anxieties about China's rise in the Asian regional order
The Indo-Pacific seems to have come of age. In a growing body of literature on this subject, the rise of India and China, as well as the ensuing great-power competition and deepening economic linksExpand
Knowledge, Desire and Power in Global Politics
Knowledge, Desire and Power in Global Politics is the first systematic and deconstructive analysis of contemporary Western representation of China’s rise. Setting itself apart from the mainstreamExpand
The “China Threat” in American Self-Imagination: The Discursive Construction of other as Power Politics
Argues that the "China threat" argument in mainstream international relations literature in the United States is derived, primarily, from a discursive construction of otherness. Construction which isExpand
What is Chinese about Chinese Businesses? Locating the ‘rise of China’ in global production networks
There is an implicit but commonly held assumption that Chinese businesses are distinctively Chinese. Casting them in unitary and national terms, this assumption has often provided the underpinningsExpand
Getting excited about China
Cricket may be Australia's national sport, but lately another sport of sorts has transfixed the country. Popular especially among media commentators and foreign policy experts, the sport involvesExpand
Neoconservatism, US–China conflict, and Australia's ‘great and powerful friends’ dilemma
Abstract Following its time-honoured ‘great and powerful friends’ foreign policy tradition, Australia has been cultivating close ties simultaneously with the United States and China. Yet, as aExpand
The threat of autocracy diffusion in consolidated democracies? The case of China, Singapore and Australia
ABSTRACT The majority of today’s authoritarian regimes have little hope of promoting autocracy beyond their own borders, let alone to consolidated democratic countries. However, China and SingaporeExpand