Chengwei Hu

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Although rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) is known to be affected by waterlogging, the genetic basis of waterlogging tolerance by rapeseed is largely unknown. In this study, the transcriptome under 0 h and 12 h of waterlogging was assayed in the roots of ZS9, a tolerant variety, using digital gene expression (DGE). A total of 4432 differentially expressed genes(More)
Waterlogging tolerance is typically evaluated at a specific development stage, with an implicit assumption that differences in waterlogging tolerance expressed in these systems will result in improved yield performance in fields. It is necessary to examine these criteria in fields. In the present study, three experiments were conducted to screen(More)
An novel method using local convexity and octree is proposed to segment irregular 3D point cloud into surfaces. An modified octree method is used to produce the init facet set which usually contains too many facets and is meaningless, and then the connection of the leaf nodes is found. Finally, the adjacent facets are combined if they satisfied the local(More)
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