Chenguang Ouyang

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Fluorescence imaging of nitric oxide (NO) in vitro and in vivo is essential to developing our understanding of the role of nitric oxide in biology and medicine. Current probes such as diaminofluorescein depend on reactions with oxidized NO products, but not with nitric oxide directly, and this limits their applicability. Here we report the formation of an(More)
A number of previous studies have examined the application of liposomes as carriers for the immunosuppressive agent cyclosporine. These studies, however, have generated equivocal results, particularly with regard to the therapeutic properties of such systems. In the present work, we have characterized cyclosporine incorporation into well defined liposomes,(More)
The Multiple Field-of-view Navigation System (MFNS) is a spacecraft subsystem built to realize the autonomous navigation of the Spacecraft Inside Tiangong Space Station. This paper introduces the basics of the MFNS, including its architecture, mathematical model and analysis, and numerical simulation of system errors. According to the performance(More)
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