Chenguang Jiang

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Enzymes of the thiolase superfamily catalyze the formation of carbon-carbon bond via the Claisen condensation reaction. Thiolases catalyze the reversible non-decarboxylative condensation of acetoacetyl-CoA from two molecules of acetyl-CoA, and possess a conserved Cys-His catalytic diad. Elongation enzymes (beta-ketoacyl-acyl carrier protein synthase (KAS) I(More)
This paper proposes a design and development of a wireless power transfer system to charge the battery in the Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicles. A Parallel-Parallel topology is adopted to realize 15 cm-distance power transfer using resonance theory. Finite Element Method is used to extract the coil parameters. The advantages of the proposed design compared to(More)
Since the early evolution of land plants from primitive green algae, flavonoids have played an important role as UV protective pigments in plants. Flavonoids occur in liverworts and mosses, and the first committed step in the flavonoid biosynthesis is catalyzed by chalcone synthase (CHS). Although higher plant CHSs have been extensively studied, little(More)
It is expected that wide-bandgap devices like silicon-carbide MOSFETs and gallium-nitride HEMTs could replace Si devices in power electronics converters to reach higher system efficiency. This paper adopts the conventional half-bridge LLC topology to realize a 10-kW all-SiC bidirectional charger used in electric vehicles. Though it is a well-known topology(More)
A 12-V motor drive system using an onboard battery is promising in vehicle applications, e.g., to rotate an air pump to adjust its air delivery to the burner, thereby providing autonomous exhaust temperature control for the conventional diesel engine vehicle. The 12-V/1-kW motor drive system proposed in this paper consists of a series-resonant LLC MOSFET(More)
This paper proposed a battery state of charge (SOC) estimation methodology utilizing the Extended Kalman Filter. First, Extended Kalman Filter for Li-ion battery SOC was mathematically designed. Next, simulation models were developed in MATLAB/Simulink, which indicated that the battery SOC estimation with Extended Kalman filter is much more accurate than(More)
This paper presents a Hierarchal Cascaded Multilevel Converter (HCMC) for continuous uniform SOC operation. The proposed HCMC has a hybrid structure of half-bridge converters and H-bridge converters and the voltage can be cascaded to reach a high level at two hierarchical levels: the half-bridge level and H-bridge level. The converter has the features of(More)
Jumping disturbances and large noises in input voltage sources to a power converter can cause substantial excursion of its output voltage even under a well-designed feedback controller. Predictive compensation can achieve improved disturbance rejection and tracking performance in such scenarios, resulting in a two-degree-of-freedom design. While the(More)
This paper presents a circuit to enable phase-to-phase SOC balancing for cascaded multilevel battery inverters that have separate battery modules for each phase. The balancing circuit called six-switch energy-level balancing circuit can help achieve a uniform three-phase SOC operation of the battery units in the entire system among all the phases. The(More)