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In this paper, we study the effectiveness of phishing blacklists. We used 191 fresh phish that were less than 30 minutes old to conduct two tests on eight anti-phishing toolbars. We found that 63% of the phishing campaigns in our dataset lasted less than two hours. Blacklists were ineffective when protecting users initially, as most of them caught less than(More)
Hippocampus is innervated by γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) "projection" neurons of the nucleus incertus (NI), including a population expressing the neuropeptide, relaxin-3 (RLN3). In studies aimed at gaining an understanding of the role of RLN3 signaling in hippocampus via its Gi/o -protein-coupled receptor, RXFP3, we examined the distribution of(More)
Integrated Design Systems (IDS) represent integration of broad range of high delity knowledge from expert sources in near real time to synthesize and reene design and product realization. Such a system should result in an order of magnitude reduction in product realization time. The characteristics of IDS are: coordination of asynchronous design activities;(More)
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