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RATIONALE With the rapid development of ambient mass spectrometry, the hybrid laser-based ambient ionization methods which can generate multiply charged ions of large biomolecules and also characterize small molecules with good signal-to-noise in both positive and negative ion modes are of particular interest. METHODS An ambient ionization method termed(More)
A novel method for the detection of histamine (HIM) via the formation of a self-assembled magic number cluster with thymine (T) by electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry (ESI-MS/MS) is described. The formation of the magic number cluster [T17 + HIM + 2H](2+) shifts the MS signal of histamine to the interference-free higher mass range and the(More)
A change in enzyme activity has been used as a clinical biomarker for diagnosis and is useful in evaluating patient prognosis. Current laboratory measurements of enzyme activity involve multi-step derivatization of the reaction products followed by quantitative analysis of these derivatives. This study simplified the reaction systems by using only the(More)
Paper spray mass spectrometry is a method for the direct analysis of biofluid samples in which extraction of analytes from dried biofluid spots and electrospray ionization occur from the paper on which the dried sample is stored. We examined matrix effects in the analysis of small molecule drugs from urine, plasma, and whole blood. The general method was to(More)
We developed a simple 3D printed cartridge for mass spectrometry (MS) targeted detection of plasma proteins, including post-translational modifications (PTMs). The cartridge uses an integrated antibody enrichment column to preconcentrate the protein target as well as a novel built-in substrate to ionize the protein targets for MS detection. We show several(More)
A laser desorption dual spray post-ionization mass spectrometry method is described, and its usefulness is demonstrated with the examples of selective detection of food components, manipulation of protein charge state distribution and investigation on the formation of magic number clusters. The method is carried out by adopting two spray emitters for(More)
The online coupling of capillary electrophoresis with ambient direct analysis in real time mass spectrometry (DART-MS) was realized by a coaxial tip interface. The analytes eluted from capillary electrophoresis (CE) were directly ionized by the metastable helium flux produced by DART and transferred into MS for the detection, with which the online(More)
A novel paper spray cartridge with an integrated solid phase extraction (SPE) column is described. The cartridge performs extraction and pre-concentration, as well as sample ionization by paper spray, from complex samples such as plasma. The cartridge allows for selective enrichment of target molecules from larger sample volumes and removal of the matrix,(More)
We describe complexation reactions of insulin and other proteins with metal ions generated from the substrate surface by laser irradiation in laser desorption spray post-ionization mass spectrometry (LDSPI-MS). This particular type of complexation reaction in LDSPI-MS was investigated for the first time, which indicated that the mechanistic process of(More)