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This paper reviews real-time (RT) Ethernet and discusses special requirements for numerical control (NC). Then such a real-time Ethernet - EtherMAC (Ethernet for Manufacture Automation Control) is presented. EtherMAC uses master-slave communication structure. The master device supports standard Network Interface Card (NIC), and the slave device has a(More)
The current automotive electrical/electronic (E/E) systems are characterized by proprietary solutions, which seldom allow the exchange of applications between both automotive OEMs and their suppliers. It is especially difficult to change ECU suppliers or reuse the software in a new generation of products. Increasing functional requirements in automotive E/E(More)
Surface roughness and surface shape simulation are presented for the intelligent STEP-NC turning controller in this paper. Simulation models for surface roughness and surface shape were established. Graphic user interface (GUI) was developed to input the simulation parameters and output the simulation results. Simulating with the developed simulation(More)
Embedded control systems play a very important role in the modern industry, which fulfill various complicated and durable control tasks in automation industry. A typical embedded control system consist of a microprocessor based hardware and a set of software running on top of it. Due to rapid upgrading and function changing, the life cycle of embedded(More)
High efficiency and low cost have been the focus of embedded system development, and computer numerical control (CNC) system based on PC and Windows operating system is the main stream of open-architecture system. The characteristics and requirements of open-architecture CNC system is introduced briefly. A new method that develops the open-architecture CNC(More)
With the new emerging technologies of high performance machining and the increasing demand for improved machining accuracy in recent years, the problem of thermal deformation of machine tool structures is becoming more critical than ever. The computer numerical control (CNC) turning system for noncircular section pistons is designed with giant(More)
A kind of high efficient frame forward mechanism in line topology real-time Ethernet is proposed in this paper. The control data and state data of the networked control system are separated into downstream and upstream frame respectively. The downstream frame that conveys control data from master node to slave nodes are processed in two parallel channels,(More)
In this paper, a repairable ability of triple modular redundancy TMR system was presented. There were two sets of processing units, which were set up in each module of TMR system. When one of modules in the TMR system was failure, the backup processing unit could be activated and the TMR system was reconstructed. Through analysis and testing, the method,(More)
The re-circulating mechanism of ball screws plays a vital role for its providing the path for steel balls rolling in screw grooves generally in high-speed/high-precision ball screw transmitting systems. However it is very hard to directly measure the ball's motion in the re-circulation for the closed recirculation groove. In order to investigate the(More)