Chengri Jin

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Palatal shelf elevation is a crucial process in palate development, with the contribution of various factors. Disturbances in any factor during this process result in cleft palate. Prior to palatal shelf elevation starting from embryonic day 12.5, the Rac1 expression level in the bend region of the mid-palatal shelf progressively increases and the cell(More)
Gastrin-releasing peptide (GRP) is considered to be one of the cancer growth factors. This peptide’s receptor (GRPR) is known as a G protein-coupled receptor, regulating intracellular calcium storage and releasing signals. This study is the first to investigate the function of GRP during mouse incisor development. We hypothesized that GRP is one of the(More)
Six cultivars of kiwifruits grown in Korea, including Actinidia eriantha ‘Bidan’, A. arguta ‘Chiak’, A. arguta ‘Darae No. 2’, A. chinensis ‘Haegeum’, A. chinensis ‘Haehyang’, and A. arguta × A. deliciosa ‘Mansoo’, were harvested at various maturity stages to test whether kiwifruit maturity has an influence on antioxidant capacity or total phenolic and(More)
Mammalian palate development is regulated by complex processes. Many cellular and molecular events, such as cell proliferation, apoptosis, cell migration and the epithelial mesenchymal transition, regulate proper palate development and some abnormalities in palate development lead to cleft palate. Various developmental disorders, such as cleft palate and(More)
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